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Business Whangaparaoa AGM

The Business Whangaparaoa AGM was held on Thursday 10 December 2022 at 5.30 pm at Paraoa Brewing Co. To view the minutes from the meeting CLICK HERE.

Whangaparaoa College Gateway

Business Whangaparaoa support the Whangaparaoa College Gateway programme providing our local students  with the opportunity to experience structured workplace learning in a career area they wish to explore. We encourage local businesses to get involved. It's WIN/WIN for all - CLICK HERE to find out more about the programme.

Coast Mentoring

Make a difference for youth – become a mentor!

Coast Mentoring works with young people aged 10-18 years old who have been referred to us  from counsellors, social workers or psychologists. The referrer believes that a positive role model is what this young person needs to help navigate their current challenges.

Coast Mentoring has an awesome team of volunteer mentors who are currently journeying alongside our young Coasties. However, we  are desperately needing to grow our team of Coastie legends in 2022 so that we can support more of our young Coasties! If you or someone you know, are interested in becoming a mentor and supporting a young person to step into a brighter future, then we would love to hear from you.

Becoming a mentor means that you are there to support and encourage a young person on their journey. You will be a positive role model, a big buddy and a guide. We are looking for Coasties who can commit to hanging out with a young person 1-2 hours every week for 12 months! The focus of these times is building a quality relationship of unconditional love, care and support with a young person. As a mentor, you will receive ongoing programme support and training.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in becoming a youth mentor – to apply, you can visit

Any questions about the mentoring journey, can be passed on to

Fair Pay Agreement Bill - Have your say by 11.59 pm on 19 May ...

The so-called Fair Pay Agreements are meant to set compulsory minimum employment terms that would apply to employers and employees.  Fair Pay Agreements will not just cover pay rates.  There is a list of other things that must be covered (e.g. overtime rates and hours of work), and a further list of things that can be covered (e.g. redundancy, health and safety requirements or leave entitlement).

The “Fair Pay Agreements Bill” has been introduced to Parliament, passed its first reading, and has been sent to Select Committee.  The Government intends to pass the Bill into law later this year, and for it to be fully up and running early to mid-2023.

A Summary of Fair Pay Agreement Bill

Download the submission letter template

Click here to go to the submission portal

Auckland Council Parking Strategy

Have your Say on Auckland Council Parking Strategy. Public feedback is open until 15 May. Check out details and have your say by CLICKING HERE.

High Density Housing Rules

Have your Say on Auckland Council new high density housing rules.

Auckland Council has opened public consultation on some proposed approaches for changing the city’s planning rulebook – the Auckland Unitary Plan – as part of implementing central government’s new requirements for greater housing density across the city. 

Have your Say until 9 May by CLICKING HERE.

Auckland Council’s Whangaparāoa Shoreline Adaptation Plan (SAP) pilot

Auckland Council’s Whangaparāoa Shoreline Adaptation Plan (SAP) pilot has officially wrapped up, with the report adopted by the Environment and Climate Change committee on 10 March.

The pilot, which ran from February to July last year, involved undertaking an assessment of Whangaparāoa’s exposure to coastal hazards and future climate change impacts across the short (20-year), medium (60-year) and long (100-year) term.

Read more on the outcome and see the full report by CLICKING HERE.

Trust eSpeak - Legal advice from Simpson Western

One of the legal aspects Simpson Western, in Silverdale, can advise on is around Trusts. In their latest edition read more on "Gift or Loan?" - "Caring for Kiwis who cannot make decisions" - "Where there's a will, what is the way?"

If you have any questions around trusts please contact a member of the Simpson Western trust law team.

Hibiscus and Bays Annual Budget Proposals

In 2022/2023 we plan to invest $13.1 million to renew and develop assets and $21.7 million to maintain and operate assets as well as provide local services, programmes and initiatives. Find out what our local board plans to do.

Read More ...

Managing the impact of Covid-19 cases at your business

The latest updates and links from

Read More ...

Have Your Say - The Climate Action Targeted Rate Explained

Auckland Council’s Annual Budget 2022/23 is open for consultation from 28 February until 28 March. You can have your say. The effects of climate change are becoming more evident every day. In this year’s Auckland Council Annual Budget, they are proposing a Climate Action Targeted Rate (CATR).

Read More and have your say ...

Assistance during Omicron and minimum wage increase - February 2022

The latest updates from MP Marja Lubeck -

  • The following information on the assistance for key sectors to keep going during Omicron and
  • the raising of the minimum wage will be of interest to your members.
  • Assistance for key sectors during Omicron


Latest Updates from - February 2022

Close contact scheme and bubble of one initiative announced - READ MORE ...

Financial support for workers in self-isolation - READ MORE ...

Law changes round up including changes to consumer credit laws, child support changes, vaping law changes, healthy homes standards, investment property changes and other law changes that might be relevant to your business - READ MORE ...

Active Tamaki Makaurau Grants

Just a reminder, if you are an Auckland, GST registered business (or you know someone who is) then you can apply to Activate Tāmaki Makaurau (Govt Funded). This package helps Auckland businesses access:

• advice and planning support
• support to implement advice and planning
• health and wellbeing support
• business community resources 

Register here

We currently have two providers of services who are BW members being Ripple and Sean Foster. Check their websites for services available.

Remember funding will run out soon so don't delay!!

AT Engagement (AT) <>5:15 PM (3 hours ago)

Proposed Activities in the Road Corridor Bylaw 2022

Kia ora,

Consultation is open! Haere mai everybody, it’s time to tell us what you think.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Q&A session last week and to those who have already submitted their feedback through the online survey.

In the coming weeks we have more opportunities to be involved in the bylaw’s development. Our industry focus groups are now open for registration. We will be holding four public sessions, follow the links below for registration:

Construction and Traffic Management – Tuesday 15 February 10am

Events and Filming – Tuesday 15 February 3pm

Trading (including micro mobility, mobile vendors and performers) – Thursday 17 February 10am

Livestock - Friday 18 February 10am

Focus groups are an opportunity to discuss the proposed bylaw among people of shared industry interest. They will be one-hour sessions which are recorded and transcribed for analysis alongside all the other feedback we receive.

As always if you would like more information please don’t hesitate. We are also holding another Q&A session next week on February 10 at 7pm – all welcome!

Follow this link to give your feedback now: consultation survey

RSP - Resurgence Support Payment Round 3 now available

08/10/21 - Just a reminder to businesses that the 3rd round of Resurgence Support Payments are now available from 8 October for applications.

Need to find employees?

Inwork contract to Work and Income, to help place people into jobs, so they are always looking for local job opportunities!

Clients are based in Orewa, Silverdale and Whangaparaoa.

There are benefits for employers, such as a scheme called ‘Flexi Wage’ where employers can receive a part payment of their employee’s wages, from Work and Income plus many other opportunities for support.

For further details please contact Sue McIntyre.

Hospitality Crisis


10 September 2021

Hospitality crisis deepens, off the back of Govt discussions

Hospitality New Zealand says the Government’s extension of the wage subsidy for businesses and the repeat of the resurgence payment will not be enough to save many businesses.

Hospitality New Zealand officials met with Finance Minister Grant Robertson today to plead for targeted support for their struggling industry.

Chief Executive Julie White says the Ministers got a clear and unequivocal picture of the losses being borne by the industry but they could not promise targeted support.

“The Government is not offering anything equal to the deep financial crisis the hospitality industry is in.

“At stake is the wellbeing of families of operators and staff, and their suppliers, and the customers who want the businesses to operate.

“Our need is uniquely desperate. Levels 2 to 4 are periods of 30-100% losses for most hospitality and accommodation businesses.

“There has been little bounce-back under Level 2.5, with cancellations going right through to Christmas.

“Most of our members will trade at a loss even with the wage subsidy and resurgence payment.

“The extension of the wage subsidy and the repeat of the resurgence payment will help, and we’re grateful, but for most it won’t be enough.

“We need a payment targeted especially for our industry because we’re the hardest hit by policies designed to cut socialisation.

“Targeted support for hospitality businesses has worked in other countries to stave off the worst of the effects of having their doors closed while rent and insurance and other fixed costs keep piling up, and I can’t see why it can’t happen here.

“The Government said targeted support is difficult to organize, but it is no more difficult than this industry carrying most of the financial burden of Covid levels.”

Julie White says the core problem is uncertainty about how long the industry would have to operate with restrictions that prevent them breaking even.

“If businesses had a date to aim for, they could borrow and operate tightly to reach it.

“But the lack of a plan or a target means banks don’t lend, debtors don’t roll over debt, and customers don’t make bookings.

“What would save us, for example, is a vaccination rate that means we can operate as normal”

03/09/21 - Resurgence Support Payment Amendment

Hon Grant RobertsonMinister of FinanceHon David ParkerMinister of Revenue

Resurgence Support Payment amended to include new businesses

The Government’s Resurgence Support Payment (RSP) has been updated to better support newly established businesses.

The RSP is a one-off payment that helps businesses with costs like rent or fixed costs during higher alert levels. When this COVID-19 response scheme was first established last year the criteria was included that businesses had to have been operating for at least six months to be eligible for the payment.

“I acknowledge concerns that particularly during an extended period at higher alert levels this rule is overly restrictive. As such Ministers with power to act have agreed to reduce the time required for a business to have been in operation to be eligible for the RSP, from six months to one month.

“These businesses will still be required to meet the other eligibility requirements under the scheme, such as demonstrating a 30 percent decline in revenue,” Grant Robertson said.

David Parker said businesses will be able to apply under the new criteria from 8am on Thursday 9 September.

“Inland Revenue will communicate this change and contact any businesses who were declined for not meeting the six-month test to advise them of the new criteria and invite them to reapply under the new settings.”

“We have an economy that is operating at pre-COVID levels and unemployment down at 4 percent thanks to our strong health approach,” Grant Robertson said.

“We know that many businesses are doing it tough during these heightened alert levels. We encourage them to apply for the support that is available. We will also continue to assess the support schemes we have in place to ensure that we are doing all that we can.”

The Resurgence Support Payment includes a core per business rate of $1,500, plus $400 per employee, up to a total of 50 full-time equivalents (FTEs) which is a maximum payment of $21,500. Businesses with more than 50 FTEs can still apply but cannot get more than the maximum payment. The scheme will remain open for applications until all of New Zealand returns to Alert Level 1 for one month.

Businesses can apply for the payment by logging into their MyIR account. They can also apply for the Wage Subsidy Scheme, Leave Support Scheme and Short-Term Absence Payment as appropriate, through the Ministry of Social Development website.

For more information on COVID-19 business support measures, including full eligibility criteria:

Media contact:

Grant Robertson - Patrick O’Meara 021 853 050

David Parker – Vernon Small 021 849 517

24/08/21 - Resurgence Support Payment applications open

Hon Grant RobertsonMinister of FinanceHon David ParkerMinister of Revenue

Applications open for Resurgence Support Payment

Businesses, organisations and self-employed people affected by the recent increase to Alert Level 4 can now apply online for the COVID-19 Resurgence Support Payment (RSP).

“The RSP is intended to help businesses with costs like rent or fixed costs during higher alert levels and is one of a suite of measures to support firms and workers and provide certainty,” Grant Robertson said.

“To qualify for the RSP, applicants must experience at least a 30 percent decline in revenue over seven days as a result of the increase in Alert Levels, as well as other eligibility criteria.

“The one-off payment is available to any business in New Zealand that meets the criteria. Businesses can apply for the RSP at the same time as the Wage Subsidy Scheme.”

The payment includes a core per business rate of $1,500, plus $400 per employee, up to a total of 50 full-time equivalents (FTEs) which is a maximum payment of $21,500. Businesses with more than 50 FTEs can still apply but cannot get more than the maximum payment. The scheme will be available until all of New Zealand returns to Alert Level 1 for one month.

“The Small Business Cashflow Scheme (SBCS) is also available to support small to medium businesses and organisations struggling with a loss of actual revenue due to COVID-19 where a business hasn’t accessed this before or where the initial payment has been repaid,” Minister of Revenue David Parker said.

Inland Revenue encourages those applying to ensure the accuracy of the information they provide, as if it isn’t correct that will delay processing.

Businesses can also apply for the Wage Subsidy Scheme and the COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme (LSS), which is available to help businesses pay workers who have been told to self-isolate and can’t work from home. The COVID-19 Short-Term Absence Payment  (STAP) is also available if your workers have to stay at home while waiting for a COVID-19 test result and can’t work from home. The rates for both the LSS and STAP rise today in line with the Wage Subsidy increase.

“Economic activity is back to pre-COVID levels thanks to our strong public health response. These principles will continue to guide our approach to supporting the economy at this challenging time,” Grant Robertson said.

Businesses can apply for the payment by logging into their MyIR account. Further information can be found on the Inland Revenue website.

For more information on COVID-19 business support measures, including full eligibility criteria:

Media contact:

Grant Robertson - Patrick O’Meara 021 853 050

David Parker – Vernon Small 021 849 517

Financial support for businesses

Financial support for businesses in Level 4 Covid lockdown.

Information includes -

  • Wage Subsidy Scheme
  • Resurgence Support Payment
  • Small Business Cashflow Loan Scheme
  • Tax Support
  • Insolvency Relief for Business
  • Short-Term Absence Payment
  • Leave Support Scheme


Access the COVID-19 business helpline

A free COVID-19 helpline service is available for Auckland businesses. It offers you specific advice and access to government support, and what the change in alert levels means for your business. To find out more call 0800 500 362.

Auckland Council Recovery Budget - 7 July 2021

Auckland Council received nearly 20,000 pieces of feedback through the consultation process on their 10-year Budget 2021-2031 (also known as the Long-term Plan), our Recovery Budget for Auckland. Auckland Council report that many people were in support of the proposed package of investment for the next 10 years. 

Your responses helped their elected members make their decisions, which were finalised and adopted on 29 June 2021. The Auckland Council Recovery Budget responds to the impacts of Covid-19 and the effect the pandemic had on the Council’s finances. It meant that they had some difficult decisions to make to preserve what is most important to you and our communities while also helping our region's economic recovery. Read more here


Apprenticeship Boost - July 2021

Finally, the apprenticeship subsidy scheme (Apprenticeship Boost) is extended for a further four months. Employers taking on apprentices can access a $1,000 per week wage subsidy for first year apprentices and $500 for second year. This extension will help ensure that enough skilled tradespeople are trained to take advantage of the government’s plans to increase housing supply by not only enabling a greater workforce to achieve the government’s affordable housing goals, but also by providing private developers with a sufficient pool of skilled workers to draw on to keep up with housing demand.

Whether you are a first home buyer trying to find your feet in the property market, a property developer looking for a financial boost to kick-start your latest housing development project or an employer with apprentices, the government’s housing package will help address the supply issues affecting the housing market and will give a financial leg-up for those working to increase supply.

Information provided by BW Member - Simpson Western

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