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Whale Tale Whangaparaoa

Whale Tail No 11. Coral Fields By Bev Goodwin
at Whangaparaoa Library and sponsored by Signature Homes
Business Whangaparaoa in collaboration with Whangaparaoa Library, Hibiscus Coast Zero Waste, Future Whangaparaoa Trust and Coast Plaza are planning lots of activities around our Whale tail, sponsored by Signature Homes and located in the courtyard at Whangaparaoa Library.

You can view a full calendar of events and activities.

Enter the scavenger hunt. Head along to the bokashi workshops or clothes swap. Let the kids enjoy great whale based storytime at the Library. Enjoy Club Physical classes or indulge yourself with a delicious "Coastie Whale Tale cocktail" at The BeerSpot plus lots more going on.

Head into Coast Plaza to see our 3 Pepi tails, painted by Whangaparaoa Primary, Whangaparaoa College and Kingsway - please vote for these as well as our Big Broo tail and pick up or download a copy of our Design and Colour competition.

Like our Facebook page and tag your selfies at the tail with hashtag #whangaparaoawhaletale or while gathering the hunt clues around the area and tag in photos of some of the other amazing tails around Auckland.

Download the scavenger hunt, collect the clues and be in to WIN.

Whale Tales 2022 is a project sponsored by Harcourts and raising funds for projects for rejuvenation of the Hauraki Gulf - you can read more on the proposed projects and download the app to unlock rewards, add pictures and find all the tails.

About the Artist - Bev Goodwin
Bev Goodwin is a multimedia artist, enjoying working with wire, low tech and recycled materials. She’s interested in recycling all manner of materials, and transforming them into unusual art forms.
Today, it’s hard sometimes to distinguish between the artificial and the natural, and this is what inspires her to create artworks where one thing is the other and vice versa; where there can be a question between the “artificial and the natural”.
As an artist, environmental issues and the effects of mass consumerism concern her.
By transforming and recycling used materials new art forms emerge and give life once again.
Recently she has worked with wire in all its myriad forms. It’s the ideal material to recycle. Inside the electrical cables are an amazing array of colour combinations. Some are thick, some thin, some are flecked, others are clear brilliant colours. These she separates and divides into colour ways to ready them to be wound and then turned into artworks. It’s a fascinating process albeit a slow one.

@Bev Goodwin

About WWF and the Hauraki Gulf

WWF-New Zealand’s vision is to build a future where all people live in harmony with nature. In Aotearoa, our work focuses on protecting and restoring the mauri (life-force) of our ocean, combating climate change, supporting environmental innovation, and conserving and protecting New Zealand wildlife.

In the Hauraki Gulf, overfishing, plastic pollution, and impacts from climate change are threatening our marine taonga — including Bryde’s whales. With only some 135 left, these magnificent whales are at risk of disappearing from our waters forever.
In collaboration with mana whenua and local communities, we’re working to help restore the waters that Bryde’s whales need to survive and thrive. Your gift right now could help:

Restore our waterways through community-led plantings. Planting natives along waterways helps prevent pollution and sediment from flowing into the Gulf and smothering nurseries for juvenile fish. This means cleaner water for Bryde’s whales and more fish for them to eat!

Provide habitat for marine species through kelp regeneration projects. Restoring our kelp forests provides vital habitat for fish and many other species and improves the health of the entire ecosystem.

Fund the development of marine protected areas. Marine protection is crucial to give habitats, fish stocks, and Bryde’s whales a chance to recover and thrive, and build resilience to climate change.

Together, we can restore the wonder of the Gulf so that future generations can enjoy these amazing whales for years to come. You can donate to help support this work 
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