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Monthly Meeting Management SOP

Set up Agenda and Reports

Time Allowance: 1-2 hours -

Set up will take approx 1 - 2 hours depending on how much you need to report (eg if you are adding a few event reports this may take a little longer)

After 1st of each month set up your agenda and reports to send out for the meeting. Try and do this min 7 days before the meeting if possible to give time to read.

If you have set up templates for the year -

  • Go to your folder for the month
  • Open your "Agenda and Reports for Meeting" template
  • Ensure all the dates in the template are correct for the meeting/next meeting/minutes of previous meeting
  • Add in any "Other Matters" to be discussed
  • Open your minutes from the previous meeting and copy and paste after the agenda items
  • Copy the list of financial reports you need from the Treasurer and email them with the list to send to you
  • Complete your monthly Manager report including adding copies of any event reports and images you are reporting on for the month
  • Complete the Membership Report numbers. To do this -
    • Open BW WPEngine
    • Go to FluentCRM | Contacts
    • Filter by list | Members
    • Tick boxes for custom fields to be downloaded of Business and Advertising End Date
    • Export (top right)
    • Then open your excel spreadsheet
    • First scroll through and remove any extras (eg your support email, local board rep, and also remove end date for any non-profits if they have one listed)
    • Then first sort by "Business" and remove any duplicates
    • Then sort by "Advertising End Date"
    • You'll then be able to see -
      • how many paying members you have
      • how many free not for profit members
      • who is currently due for renewal
      • who is coming up next month for renewal
      • To get how many outstanding log into Xero | Invoices | Awaiting Payment - you can sort by amount and check how many are membership invoices due
  • Complete your Membership Report
  • Check everything is complete and SAVE
  • Send to Executive Members with next meeting details and advice Treasurer's Reports will follow if not attached - Remember to send paperwork and meeting details to others invited to the Exec meetings, eg Local Board rep, FW rep and anyone else you may have coming along
  • If you don't have the Treasurer reports when you first send the agenda just forward the Treasurer report email when you get them
  • Then take image shots of the reports and -
    • add them into the agenda you've sent (don't resend to everyone)
    • Then you can upload this to the BW Google Drive folder
    • If you wish you can also add these into your Minutes template for the meeting so they are ready for when you do your Minutes and reporting

Then go and check you have the meeting booked in at the venue and confirm with them

Meeting Day

The Chair will run the meeting. Provide any paperwork you may have agreed to provide.

Check before going to the meeting you have all apologies or anything else required.

After the Meeting

Time allowance: 1 hour or so

After the meeting use your template (if you have one) and type up the Minutes then -

  • Send to Treasurer first to sign off the Treasurers Report
  • Get the Treasurer to then send on to the Chair
  • Chair to then sign and upload a signed copy to the relevant Google Drive folder
  • Chair to advise BM upload is complete
  • BM to then send a copy of the minutes to all Exec members and others who attended with a reminder to check the Actions list and take any actions assigned to them before the next meeting if possible.
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