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Grant Funding Applications and Accountability Reporting

Applying for a Grant

As Business Whangaparaoa is not a BID (and this is a job done by BID Managers also) we rely very much on grants for our funding. The Business Manager is responsible for some of these grant applications and subsequent accountability reporting.

We are also very lucky to have Gwenda on the team who also submits various funding applications for us, however, the Manager is responsible for the accountability reporting. We are also lucky as Donna has also now set up our funding tracking system very well which makes the accountability reporting a much quicker and smoother process!

Make a note (and you should also get notice from the Local Board) when funding applications are open for submissions. BW will hopefully be eligible for Economic Funding each year with applications usually open about April and can also apply once a year for a community grant towards a specific project for the year.

To place an application log into the Australian Smarty Grants website at -

  • Login at the thin blue bar at the top. Login details are -
    • PW: BizWhanga12!
  • Go to My Submissions
  • You can check out what rounds are currently open (or coming up) at the link to the right of the blue bar
  • Go to the grant round you wish to apply for
  • Download the preview form
  • Complete this manually and check you have all the necessary paperwork (eg bank account No evidence, letters of support, permits, minutes with resolutions, annual accounts, etc) - a list is provided
  • You can then log back in and go to "Fill Out Now"
  • Don't worry if you've missed something or are waiting on something as you can save and go back to complete later

If you are successful you will be notified by the Local Board or Auckland Council. You will then need to get the Chair to sign, date and need to return the acknowledgement form.

As you use the grant money for your project make sure you are tracking the spend in Xero. Note grant funds and reporting must always be GST exclusive.

Accountability Reporting

When reporting you can get and download your accountability report from under the application information under your submissions.

Go to Xero and also get a report on the Tracking category (the Treasurer may do this for you)

You will need copies of all the invoices to submit with the accountability report so the easiest way to do this is to -

  • Go to the Tracking Summary in Xero
  • Click on each transaction
  • Download the invoice it relates to and check the amount specifically towards that grant
  • When saving your download add the claimed amount (ex GST) in your download file title just for ease of checking before submission
  • Save these in their own folder so you don't get muddled with any other paperwork
  • Also save a copy of the General Ledger Tracking Summary as you need to submit this also as evidence of the actual payment of the invoices
  • You should then cross check your downloaded invoices and amounts against the Tracking Summary to make sure this is correct

You can then log back into the website and go to the Accountability Report and complete the form and submit. Make sure you submit this before the deadline.

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